miércoles, 20 de mayo de 2009

The darkness never was so beautiful... (I had never...)

The darkness never was so beautiful
The dim light of the moon never was so soft
Finally, I’m safe…
I’d never breathe this peace before
So sweet this love,
Everything sleeps outside
Lullabies singing fairy tales
Fairy ladies singing to us with the whispers of the wind
Whistling …
I’d never felt complete before
You are finally here, with me
I saw your eyes from heaven blue to cloudy grey
To our blue heaven again
My prince
Let the fairy ladies sing this endless waltz
Let’s dance through the semidarkness of midnight
My knight…
I’d never felt so loved before
Your lips spoke exactly what I need to hear
It’s not a coincidence
I almost guess your thoughts
You always guess mines…
I’d never read through someone before
Your eyes scream out and break the silence,
The never ending silence of my heart,
My eyes scream with them
Your velvety skin
My blushed cheeks
Your hands on me
We are here for real
We are one
Finally one …
I’d never been so relief before
The dawn it’s about to come
And I’m not afraid of its light anymore
I don’t need to run
I’m with you
I’m surrender to you…
I’d never saw angels before
Before you,
Your missing wings are my salvation
Keep holding me so close
Like this,
Don’t let me fall in desperation of your absence again
Make this second last forever…
The darkness never was so beautiful, my love
The dim light of the moon never was so soft, on us
And now that darkness it’s gone, finally gone
I’m safe, as you said I will be
I’m with you…
I love you my angel
Thanks for breaking the winter of my soul
And bring to me the colors of your spring.
Poetisa MF
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